Solutions & Services

Our solutions are driven by understanding general client needs and specific technical requirements by deploying best value-added technology with innovation. Efficiency and cost effective approaches and adaptations to the dynamic environment of the industry demands Subsea to constantly strive for excellence performance.

ROV Solutions

Underwater Inspection, Survey and Maintenance Support Activities
• Pipeline Inspection / Survey
• General Visual Inspection (GVI)
• Close Visual Inspection (CVI)
• Cathodic Protection Survey and Calibration (CP)
• Marine Growth Survey
• Scour and Debris Survey
• Flood Member Detection Survey (FMD)
• Offshore Structure Cleaning

Drilling Support Activities

• Seabed Survey
• Drill String Assistance
• Seabed Samples
• Bullseye Reading
• Water Jetting / Dredging
• Gas Bubble Watch

Construction Drilling Support Activities

• Installation of Offshore Structure
• Subsea Pipeline Installation
• Subsea Riser Installation
• Subsea Expansion Spool Installation

Survey Solutions

• Underwater Cameras and Video
• Hydrographic and Positioning Survey
• Inertial Navigation System
• Pipeline Route/Tracking Survey
• Cable Route/Tracking Survey
• ROV System and Sensors
• Terrestrial Survey

Diving Solutions

Offshore Construction / Inspection Work
• Inspection of Seabed
• Grout Bag Filling for Jacket Levelling
• Pin Pile Positioning in Conductor
• Connecting Tie Back Cables
• Launching Pigs
• Stinger Inspection
• Touchdown Inspection
• Cutting Buckled Pipelines
• Metrology of Spools
• Riser Clamps & Risers Installation
• Spool Installation
• Free Span Grout Bag Installation
• Micro Piling
• Underwater Cameras and Videos

NDT Inspection Services

• Ultrasonic Inspection
• Electro Magnetic Array Testing (EMA)
• Corrosion Mapping
• ABI Scanning
• Advance UT
• Computed Radiography Inspection
• Automated Ultrasonic Inspection
• Magnetic Flux Leak Inspection
• Remote Field Eddy Current
• Cathodic Potential System
• Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

Engineering & Consultation Services

• Control and Automation Solution
• Pneumatic Logic Control Solution (PLC)
• Electrical Engineering Solution
• Corrosion Engineering
• Berthing Sedimentation Prevention Solution
• Underwater Engineering Solution

Telecommunications Services

• Installation of Telecommunications Equipment
• Fiber Optic Communication System Installation
• System Integration Of Telecommunications Network

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